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For many years sandblasting has been used in a variety of industries for its ability to clean, smooth, and remove surface finished quickly and efficiently.  Recently, there has been some speculation over its effectiveness.  It is very successful in fast removal of surface contaminants such as dirt, grit, paint and other coatings.  Also, it is […]

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This is a guest post by Sam Prusek of The Industry Post

The power of social media is immense. The right campaign can take it in a matter of days and go ‘viral’ with just a few twitter tweets and Facebook shares from the right people. We have seen it with the petition against the […]

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There was a time — and it wasn’t too long ago — when what it meant to build something changed little over the course of hundreds of years. There were artisans, tradesmen, skilled laborers, and a certain finite set of tools that craftspeople relied upon to make everything from the local palace to the local […]

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The industrial manufacturing industry has long embraced Hastelloy C powder coating as the preferred method of applying paint to finished metal surfaces. A reduction in production costs, better coatings with improved corrosion protection, and the reduction of VOC emissions are some of the advantages. First developed in the late 1960’s, powder coatings work […]

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Everybody loves to get hung up in contract language.  On construction projects, contractors, owners, and subs will fire contract language back and forth like missiles in what gets to be an arms race of legalities that negatively affects projects by creating panic and anxiety.  When lawyers get involved, the language starts to get twisted and manipulated […]

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Whilst the UK construction industry continues to see growth month on month, it still remains a potentially dangerous industry to be a part of, with the risk of injury apparent every day. To help highlight where the risks lie, the HSE release figures every year detailing stats on the number of injuries and accidents that […]

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Hang In There Revel Casino, Your Luck May Turn

While it is typically patrons of a casino that are in need of a little luck, this time it is Revel Casino that needs to either double down or take what is left of their once enormous pile of chips and cash out. Basically, Revel Casino has 16 with the dealer showing a face […]

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Whatever home improvements you’re making, the secret to brilliant results is good attention to detail. Whilst painting your property may appear to be one of the simpler DIY tasks, great results take patience and care.

Here are our top five secrets to paint perfection when decorating your home:

1. Sand away any flaws

To get the best paint finish […]

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The past six months for me and my company have been the most difficult to date.  And this is including the first two or three years where we basically made just enough money to survive (that actually wasn’t that bad, surprisingly, and actually kind of fun).  But this time around, we were expecting to get […]

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Green Roofs Could Make London a Cooler Place

More and more people are living in cities, with new cities springing up and existing cities becoming home to larger and larger populations. We’re also going through a period of rapid climate change, and the effects of this are felt particularly keenly in densely populated areas like London. Cities like London need to […]

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